Urgent: Call LA Congress Now

UPDATE May 23rd: The hearing for the Pastor Protection Bill HB 597 is set for 9:30 a.m., Tuesday, May 24, in the Judiciary B Committee room at the Capitol. I have been informed that there may be members on the committee opposed to the bill.  It will take only 4 votes to kill it! Here is a List of every Senator who is currently on this committee.  Contact them TODAY and let them know that you, your church, and others will be watching this closely and that you want them to SUPPORT the Pastor Protection Bill HB 597.

UPDATE: April 20th. Alright guys, with the bill passing the House it’s time to bring our fight to the Senate.  Here is the contact information for our state senators. Here is the link to find the one in your district. Tell them to pass the Pastor Protection Bill!

UPDATE: 7PM. The bill passed 97-0! A lot of the arguments against it fell flat. Praise the Lord!

UPDATE 5:30pm central: The bill is now being discussed.  Here is where we are in the house agenda. Here is the live feed.

Today, April 19th, after 1pm the Lousiana House of Representatives is voting on a Bill to protect Pastors from being arrested for practicing their faith. Please contact your Louisiana State House Representative and inform them to vote yes for HB597 – The Pastor Protection Bill.  This a bill that will protect Pastors like me from imprisonment and penalty for refusing to participate in or officiate weddings that are a violation of our beliefs. The LGBT community will be there to oppose the bill so they can continue to force people to violate their conscience and force them to submit to their beliefs. Something they claim all the time that they don’t do. Yet why would they fight a bill that prevents something they say they would never do?

Here is a list of Louisiana House Representatives Contact information. Find the one in your district, call and e-mail him or her. Tell them to Vote Yes on HB597.

Thank you all for your support.

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