We Chose This America

We are picking foolish morally dubious presidential candidates because this is a democracy and we are electing candidates that reflect the people. We don’t want to say it, but it’s true… We as a country chose these two people because something in them resonated with the people of this country. Now we see this political horror show and say… “man that looks ugly.” As if that is some how NOT US… Sorry to say it but we picked them because they are the majority of us.

We watch them bicker on stage calling each other liars, calling for fact checkers, and America doesn’t know who’s telling the truth. That’s because America rejected truth a long time ago. We rejected God and His standard of truth. So now we all have our own truth. Now that everybody has their own truth the other person is a liar, but nobody else knows if that’s true… because we have rejected truth.

We picked immoral candidates because we have rejected God’s righteous Word. Sure we say “keep the Christ in Christmas” but when we never go to church and Fox News with its scantily clad reporters is the closest we as a nation get to reading the Bible, then we really have rejected God whether or not we miss the “good Ole days.”

We are destroying ourselves precisely because we have rejected God. God leaves us with this little thought. “As it all falls apart remember it’s because you left me and are doing this to yourself”:

And you shall be profaned by your own doing in the sight of the nations, and you shall know that I am the Lord .”  Ezekiel 22:16 ESV

The only answer is to admit our sin, repent, and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ.  The people will not elect a truthful, moral, and godly candidate until they repent and that candidate reflects their own hearts. Only Christ can redeem our wicked hearts. Until we actually repent nothing will change. You can say “praise the Lord” but if you aren’t actually going to church and following Jesus Christ in your life… I don’t buy it… neither does God… and nothing will change.

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